Closer From Home

J. L. Anderson

Last Call

Yin Tingru

Closer From Home

Josep Casamada Award




Closer From Home   (16mm, B & W, 39 mins)

A retired widower becomes homeless and fights to survive life on the streets.     

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Short Film Award ~Nomination

Certamen Int'l De Cine, Igualada, Spain ~ First Prize + Josep Casamada I Biosca Trophy

         Awarded to the film that best enhances anthropological values, ethical sentiments and

         morals of human behaviour.

Recontres Internationales Henri Langlois Film Festival.  Poitiers, France ~ Finalist

Mill Valley Film Festival.   Mill Valley, CA ~ Brave New Talent Award

Melbourne International Film Festival ~ Melbourne, Australia

         A series of seemingly minor events leads William more deeply into a life on the streets.         

        Shuler's observational style is remarkably restrained, free from moralizing or false

        sentiment.  This one creeps up on you.

Additional Screenings In . . . Rome, Italy ~ Athens, OH ~ Minneapolis, MN ~ Seattle, WA

Distributor ~ Terra Nova Films,  Chicago, IL

Last Call   (16mm, B & W, Short)  

Two strangers lost in night . . . a film noir study in technique and femme fatale desire.  

Unfound Rumors   (16mm, B & W, Short)

A triangular love story of three strangers trapped in a train depot.  Written by Luke Lefler.

Bill & Melinda Gates   (Documentaries)

Various productions documenting special celebrations Bill & Melinda shared with family and friends.  

Makoti Film LLC

D. Shuler   

Writer ~ Producer ~ Director

Bone Yard Dance

A Supernatural Film Noir by D. Shuler

By trying to escape their obsessive love filled with

lies and betrayal, Joe & Christina flee into the dark of night.

BYD is a story about their radar love, regret and the gift of dreams.