Bone Yard Dance

JOE ~ The Escape Artist, Male, Late 30s, Long Dark Hair, Brown Eyes, Lean

Joe has given up on his gift because his paintings are not selling. So his drama with Christina creates the perftect diversion he needs to combat the limbo that has enveloped his life. Joe’s lust/love/hate connection with Christina coupled with his taste for tequila, pulls him into a dark, chaotic dream world and pushes him toward the hero’s path.

In the beautiful illusion of the dream worlds . . . every man is a consummate artist.


CHRISTINA ~ The Femme Fatale, Early 30s, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Alluring

Christina is a clever, seductive, intuitive character with conflicting ideas about life. Her innate intensity is imbued with emotional peaks and a deep blue ennui. Though she loves Joe deeply, her desire to be rich and famous leads to a place where demons and dreams battle for her attention. At the end of her sojourn and quest for equilibrium, the arc of her story leads to the edge of an unpredictable horizon.

I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door.  

It opens. I have been knocking from the inside.


SONDRA ~ Female, 60s/70s

Sondra is an authentic, no-nonsense psychic reader who sees Joe's life unfolding before it happens.

OLD MAN ~ Male, 80s, Thin

The Old Man is wise, soft-spoken, methodical. He smokes a pipe in one scene.

THE MAN ~ Male, Early 30s

The Man has model looks, is impeccably dressed & speaks with a French accent.

JESSICA ~ Female, 40s, Dark Hair

Jessica is maternal, funny, sincere. She was lost in grief before escaping into a fugue state where she lives in her special reality. Jessica can look stunning on her best day, like a bag lady on her worst. Unfinished Painting by Steph Collier

HOMELESS MAN ~ Male, 45-55

Before becoming homeless, this family man was a firefighter & captain of his modest motor boat.

MUSICIAN ~ Female, Identical Twin, 30s, Dark Hair

This woman plays double bass in her 3-piece band.

LANDLORD ~ Male, 40-50, Income Property Business Owner

The Landlord is an officious micro manager, but he's also insightful.

THE OTHER WOMAN ~ Female, 29-39

The Other Woman is a savvy professional with an understated sense of compassion.

STEPHANIE ~ Female, Early 20s

Stephanie is in the last trimester of her first pregnancy. She's incredibly happy, energetic and works as a cashier at Joe's local market.

VERN ~ Male, 50s, Pharmaceutical Sales Manager

Vern is Christina's boss, a company man who plays by their rules.


The Plastic Surgeon is driven to succeed, medically & financially. He has forced himself to develope a decent bedside manner because he knows it's good for business.

LITTLE GIRL ~ Female, 3-4yo, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

The Little Girl is inquisitive, psychic, loving.

CHRISTINA'S HUSBAND ~ Male, 40s, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

Christina's Husband is a physician. After marrying Christina, his life will reflect the groom in the background of the adjacent photo.

TWIN ~ Female, Identical Twin, 30s, Blonde Hair

This woman plays the baby grand in her 3-piece band.

BOUNCER ~ Male, 40-50, Dark Hair

The Bouncer is not fond of confrontation. He'd rather be playing drums in the twin's 3-piece band.

GANG LEADER ~ Male, Teenager

This young leader runs a tight family of bangers. He is smart, ambitious, violent.



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