Bone Yard Dance

Bone Yard Dance exposes the nights of two lovers who arrive in mysterious places where neither is prepared to live. The narrative follows Joe who gets trapped between Christina‚Äôs combustible dopamine, fascination and his desperate need to escape.  Inside their flickering reality we see how these two create love, combat betrayal and brush against dreams.  

Like many young couples Joe & Christina are looking for a new home, but their love becomes tainted by delusion and profound misgivings that will jeopardize their bond. Christina sets off to explore her prurient interests, with and without Joe. Joe is mesmerized then devastated by her lies and though his the gut feeling demands that he run away, he cannot. So he follows her, deep into her subconscious. Their love becomes obsessive, fragile, filled with disillusion. But rather than sever their attachment this fracture makes it stronger. Conflict builds, emotions intensify and desire becomes more addictive. Joe battles to resist this seductive crossing, hoping and struggling to repaint his dreams. But they reunite...again...and again...and again...until reality and illusion become one.

As Joe spirals deeper into an abyss of sculpted memories he finds himself lost within its dreamy labyrinth. Here in luminous isolation strangers appear to offer clues on how Joe might reconnect with his true love. But Christina returns to haunt Joe and she tattoos him with a visceral fear. The push pull duality of their existence ensues because no matter how hard they try to discard their romantic love, the carnal, soulful passion that drives them back to each relentless.

Through trial and error they reach an uneasy detente and live here for awhile in the in-between. The calculus in this new realm reveals a bridge to forgiveness that could lead to a way out. When they finally begin to understand and convey the vagaries of their madness, they discover that their radar love still holds an echo of truth. Embedded in this truth lies a motive for their actions, but it could also be diversion they create to survive the temptation of their gambling hearts.

If you break through their facade and peer beyond its veil of darkness, you might feel sparks of hope lighting up the gift of Joe & Christina's bone yard dreams. Eyewitnesses might see these dreams differently and they will all be right. For when dreams become reality and reality becomes becomes treasure.

                                                                                                                                                                      D. Shuler

Makoti Film LLC